Friday, January 14, 2011

Felix Felicis...Noble Running

What could have been a terrible day ended up being one of the best.  Started with taking off on a Friday which doubles my work when I go back on Monday's.  This aside I guess I needed to catch up on some sleep as I slept through both alarms to get up for my appointment for testing with an Allergist.  I could have freaked out and skipped breakfast but chose to take a few minutes to heat some oatmeal to go.  For some reason the mixed dried fruit I add to it only managed to be pineapple and cherries which are my favorite. 

I had thirty minutes to get from The Woodlands to Kingwood which is not an easy task.  I decided I was just going to be late and had no one in front of me the entire drive.  Ended up being only a few minutes late.  After 80 skin pricks, a CT of my sinuses, and 56 shots, none of which hurt, two hours later I was on my way home with a Starbucks in hand. 

After a great lunch and installing my new suspension training system, it was time to head out for my long run.  We had a good turn out and after my Garmin located the Satellites it decide it was tired and didn't want to run.  So I decided on a free run and my mp3 stepped up and hit all my favorites I like to run to.  I only had to stop once for vehicular cross traffic and that was long enough for me to get out my cellphone to look at the time.  Still felt fresh and decided to go long.

Finished and went to get a table for the group and in a crowded restaurant it only took five minutes to get a table for ten.  An Irish coffee later and the group started to trickle in.  Just about everyone had a great run.  The Buddhist have a truth called the Noble Eightfold Path.  I believe it works and today was a shining example.  Here it is:
     1.  Right view  - It is what it is
     2.  Right intention  - late, just going to be late
     3.  Right Speech  -  when the PA was giving me my shot's I let her know it was not bothering me as much as her
     4.  Right Action  -  choosing not to get frustrated when technology failed
     5.  Right Livelihood  -  still working on this one
     6.  Right Effort  -  Running how I felt and holding back just a little
     7.  Right Mindfulness  -  Tuning out the world and feeling the good run with every stride
     8.  Right Concentration  -  Thinking of nothing but how much fun I was having and the meal to be shared afterwards.

That last part was for me.  I tend to remember it better after I read things a few times.